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EPSM/PSSM and Dr. Beth Valentine DVM PhD

Dr. Madalyn Ward, D.V.M. has written numerous articles on holistic horse keeping (as well as books). These include information on various disease states, nutrition, horse husbandry, case studies, etc. In addition, for a small one-time lifetime fee, you can sign up to have access to the excellent forum and even more resources.

Dr. Joyce Harmon, D.V.M. - lots of information on insulin resistance, Cushings, laminitis, and saddle fit

Dr. Suzan Seeyle, D.V.M. - I am fortunate to be in the same state as her, but she also does telephone consults and travels to clients.

Dr. Martin Goldstein, D.V.M. - natural pet care

Mary Ann Simonds, horse behavior and more